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Site Info is a central, data-collection tool. It collects data from controllers at Multiple petrol stations and stores the data in a database.

Site Info offers 3 ways to use this data:

Data exchange – where data is forwarded to other business application software, such as SAPOIL.
Report generation – data is used to produce a number of pre-formatted (Crystal) reports, which can be used to show alarm statistics and indicate trends, strengths and weaknesses for the individual sites.

Browser based, user-friendly GUI (Graphic User Interface) provides:

  • Alarm monitoring – status of equipment connected to controllers
  • Site monitoring – wet stock status and consumption predictions
  • Distribution control – Ullage values for delivery product-mix and dates
  • Order generation – automatic order when products reach defined levels
  • Report generation – pre-formatted reports to show trends and problem

4COM Head Office

Designed specifically for managing fuel distribution networks, 4COM Remote Site Management System introduces a level of accountability which is crucial in this business. For use in corporate oil industry Head Offices and smaller home-base networks, 4COM provides comprehensive wet-stock control and analysis of remote sites in networks of any size, which utilise the Postec Communications Controller (PCC).

Using interactive and automated forecourt data collection, 4COM further leverages the power of the PCC, providing extensive numerical and graphical analysis on a range of oil industry related forecourt applications, consolidated across your network of sites.

4COM provides fuel distribution network managers with the key information they require to make decisive, informed business decisions that best maximise opportunities in a timely manner. 4COM makes this possible as the conduit to the remote forecourt providing total wet-stock control.

Sentinel Forecourt Service Management:

Sentinel is a centralised alarm monitoring application from Postec which works together with the PCC4. Sentinel remotely monitors a network of forecourts, either retail or commercial, and dispatches alarm information electronically to site technicians.

By creating action plans for your sites, you control the response to any alarms raised. The action plan specifies what action should be taken, based on the type of alarm received. Dispatch your personnel quickly, and ensure you meet any Service Level Agreements in place.

Actions can consist of an email, a fax or an SMS text message sent to a particular technician. Alarm status can be tracked and managed manually, either by the central dispatch desk staff or by the technician through a web interface, or the alarm can be closed automatically by Sentinel once processed.

Sentinel also provides a graphical GIS viewer for displaying site location information, with region specific maps available. Sites are displayed on the map with alarm status shown graphically, so staff can quickly identify sites with an open alarm.

Sentinel significantly improves resource management and response times for all operators of site technicians for the oil industry.

Key benefits:

Easy Access

  • No special software or client is required
  • Access via standard web browser


  • Controlled by user authentication
  • Administrator defines user access levels and roles

Easy to understand

  • Logical structure with clear tables or graphics
  • Additional filters to enable information to be streamlined

Updated regularly

  • Time slots that can be configured to poll the individual sites and update the database