WSM - Forecourt Controller

WSM - Forecourt Controller

Today’s fuelling environment is a low margin, volume based business with an increasing emphasis on technology. Oil companies are looking for ways to improve business efficiencies, increase system uptime and improve customer experience. At the heart of any fuelling environment, and core to the technology employed, is the forecourt controller.


Doms offers the most reliable and proven best in class performance controller with fast deployment of the features needed to maximise your business return on investment.

Postec Communications Controller

The Postec Communications Controller, the PCC, is a highly reliable and scalable embedded device for connecting to a wide variety of devices used in the industry

Key benefits:

Interfaces to most equipment
Constant updates with new equipment interfaces when available (3 times as many or more than any competitor). This means that oil companies and integrators can select the forecourt equipment of their choice and not be limited to what the forecourt controller supplier supports.

  • Covers almost any scenario
    Oil companies can get the functionality they want in short time.
  • Open interface
    Any POS system can connect and many have done already.
  • Embedded
    No moving parts, robust and stable. Second to none uptime.
  • High immunity
    High immunity to electrical interference, power supply fluctuations and short drop outs. This results in a robust and stable system even in harsh environments.
  • Built in web server (only PSS 5000)
    Allow remote control and maintenance. Requires only an internet browser to have remote access information and to do service.

Host Interface

  • Via open TCP/IP based interface central host system can directly (and efficiently) collect alarms, events, equipment status, sales information etc.
  • Dispenser Controller
  • Vapour Recovery Controller
  • Wash Controller
  • Payment Controller
  • Unattended and Attended Service