FlexPay™ B2B

FlexPay™ B2B

Stylish, double sided cash and card payment terminal and fits all forecourt layouts for attended and unattended purposes.

Global market leader in outdoor payment

Gilbarco Veeder-Root has been the world leader in forecourt payment since 1970 with more than 350,000 terminals installed world-wide.

Gilbarco Veeder-Root’s FlexPay™ products can provide for all payment scenarios

FlexPay™ is designed to extend operating time 

All FlexPay™ payment solutions are designed for supporting attended or unattended modes.

FlexPay™ allows customers to operate 24 hours and unattended operations.

Top rated security
All FlexPay™ terminals are EMV level 1 & 2 as well as PCI PED POS-A certified.

Flexible to fit in different configurations
Pump integrated or a standalone OPT, bundled with Gilbarco Veeder-Root POS and FC suite or integrated with 3rd party solutions.

Improve your customer’s convenience 

Unique multimedia capabilities, promotions, couponing and merchandising help drive end customers loyalty and stimulate additional sales.

FlexPay™ can incorporate Fleet and loyalty programs support.

Ability to interact with the customers on the forecourt.

Fast lanes operations
Gilbarco Veeder-Root terminals are designed to be familiar and easy to use for customer’s convenience.

Reduce shop queues or increase opening hours and revenues while having better control on your business.

Reduce operating cost 

Through the inherit site automation, forecourts will process transactions faster and smoothly
Multiple payment options 
FlexPay™ accepts any debit, credit and loyalty card, cash, contactless, vouchers, Near Field Technology Gilbarco Veeder-Root terminals are scalable ensuring future upgrades and adaptability

Double sided
The unique design can fit any forecourt configuration and automation model requirement

Multiple payment types 

No matter what the payment methods are, FlexPay™ B2B can handle them: Cards, banknotes, contactless, tagging, barcode vouchers or coupons

Optimised footprint
Design to fit narrow or difficult areas, next to the pump or other locations on the forecourt
It utilises the same fixing points of Logitron Pumacard and SPOT OPT, avoiding heavy civil works.

Modern design, ATM-Styled
The enhanced user experience will distinct your forecourt from others.

Through its modern eye-catching look and its ATM-style interface, the user will be familiar with operations.

Easy maintenance
No matter if it’s a paper roll change, an engineer check-up or a 3rd party money collection.

Good maintenance access with dedicated access to all sides.

Large set of options
FlexPay™ B2B is flexible and scalable. By adding optional components it covers all of today’s needs and what the future is promising.

Manual or motorised card reader, active anti skimming, barcode scanner, contactless reader, branding
Secure Integrates with burglary prevention and video surveillance.





Free standing, double sided OPT


Payment acceptance

Cards and/or banknotes
Options : Barcode Scanning, Contactless reader.


Card reader

Hybrid, Manual or motorised


Printer type

High speed graphic printer
6 cm paper width



5.7″ colour, function keys
(12″ colour, function keys)



EMV Level 1 & Level 2, PCI PED (POS-A)



IP54 rating, LED lighting, Active antiskimming, 24h unattended kit for outsourced mony collection