Meter Registers

Veeder-Root is the world’s most experienced provider of meter registration solutions

We do more than just keep close tabs on your fuel inventory with our electronic meter registers and fuel flow meters; we make it simpler and more efficient to monitor your fuel meters.


  • Prime LHI

    Mechanical Dispenser Computer

    Veeder-Root has over 80 years of experience manufacturing the Mechanical Dispenser Computer. Our experience and product knowledge allows us to…



  • Atlas 9100

    Mechanical Meter Registers

    Veeder-Root is the world leader in Mechanical Meter Registers. We have over 60 years of experience producing accurate, high quality…



  • Atlas 9800

    Electronic Meter Registers

    The EMR3 is Veeder-Root’s electronic meter-register, which provides the latest technology around a robust/user-friendly system, delivering unprecedented value for customers…