Accurate and repeatable height and temperature data

Third party certified for precision tank testing

Automate monitoring of a wide range of fuels

Key benefits:

  • Continuous level monitoring
  • Water detection
  • Multipoint temperature measurement
  • In-tank leak detection
  • LPG and AdBlue monitoring
  • Install in tank openings as small as 1 inch
  • Prevent water & dry run damage to STPs
  • Monitor levels up to 16m high
  • LPG & AdBlue tanks to central ATG system
  • Test tanks for leaks at no extra cost


Standard and custom lengths up to 34″

Leak Detection

US EPA – 0.38 or 0.76 LPH
Spanish ICIM – 0.10 LPH

Cable Length

Up to 10 feet

Float Kits

Up to 4″ float kits available

Storage Temperature

-40°C to +60°C

Operating Temperature

-40°C to +60°C

Fuel Alarm

When fuel reaches 1.5″ in height

Water warning

When water levels reaches 1.7″ in height