PSS 5000

With over 25 years of proven and reliable service to fuel retailers, the PSS 5000 (Doms Box) has been installed in 75,000 sites across more than 70 different countries. It is designed to provide oil companies with the flexibility to mix POS and forecourt equipment of any brand and make. It also offers a broad range of connectivity features including direct network access enabling you to connect to the rest of the world.

As a system component in the POS environment, PSS 5000 (Doms Box) overcomes the complex differences between a petrol station forecourt and the retailing environment, enabling control of all types of forecourt equipment with the POS, BOS and head office systems.

Support: More than 100 different Protocols, incl. IFSF

  • Easy POS integration via TCP/IP
  • Matches all petrol stations, regardless of design and size
  • Interfaces to most forecourt equipment
  • IFSF support
  • All in one box
  • Highly reliable
  • Offer value for money
  • Approvals and compliance
  • Optional host interface for data and alarm collection
  • Remote service facilities

Host interface

Open TCP/IP based interface central host system


Built in web server


High immunity to electrical interference
Power supply fluctuations
Drop outs




Car wash; Price pole; AVI; Digital I/O (DIO)


POS/BOS system
Payment terminals
Tank gauge systems
Vapour recovery systems


Compliant with OIML recommendations R-117
W&M world wide approval
MID (Certificate No. SC0257-15)

Remote service facilities

Remote diagnostics via internet
Software uploads and downloads of both application and configuration

GTM Container| GMT-MJFRZZ8

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