Media Isolated Mag Plus Probes

Media Isolated Mag Plus Probes

The Multi Use Media Isolated Probe kit allows the industry-proven Mag Plus Probe to provide Chemical* and LPG** customers the same high levels of inventory measurement performance that petroleum customers have come to expect from Veeder-Root.

A unique feature of this adapter kit is the user’s ability to remove the probe shaft from its stainless steel jacket for maintenance at any time without disturbing the tank’s liquid product contents, or in the case of an LPG customer, having to first depressurise the tank.


*Chem-ISO-Probe Kit: for non-retail industrial applications to monitor various non-fuel liquids.

**LPG ISO-Probe Kit: for LPG tanks on petrol station sites which are under pressure.

Key benefits:

  • Highly accurate Magnetostrictive measurement technology compatible with all current TLS consoles.
  • Non-corrosive, stainless steel tubing for long-life monitoring in a wide spectrum of alternative fluids and pressurised environments.
  • Chemical adapter kit’s Stainless Steel Floats can be used in all NEC Class1, Group D liquids environment specific gravity of 0.70 or above.
  • Chemical adapter kit equipped probe capable of reading product level down to 83.8 mm
  • LPG adapter kit equipped probe capable of reading product level down to 82.5mm
  • Chemical adapter kit allows probe to easily fit into a 50.8mm (2”) NPT tank opening.
  • LPG adapter kit easily fits a 38mm (1.5”) NPT tank opening.
  • Both Chemical and LPG kit probes are easily removed from tank without disturbing liquid inventory or having to depressurise the LPG tank.
  • Mag Plus ISO- probes provide highly accurate trouble free performance in a wide variety of approved fluids as well as pressurised LPG tanks.
  • Magnetostrictive technology and five point temperature sensing make it capable of extremely accurate inventory control.
  • Mag Plus probe provides an operating temperature range of -40°C to +70°C.