Line Leak Detection

Line Leak Detection

Solves your mechanical Leak testing Problems

  • Intelligent electronic systems virtually eliminate “False Alarms”
  • Self-diagnostic system – eliminates the required functional testing for mechanical leak detectors
  • No site shutdown to perform 0.38 L/h test

Saves you money

  • Electronic systems have long life expectancy with less moving parts to fail which saves you time and money
  • Cost savings typically present a 2-3 year payback on investment

Lower your installations and maintenance costs

Key benefits:

Automatic & Continuous testing

  • V/R Patented Measurement Technology
  • Tests lines at full pressure for greater accuracy
  • Automatic line testing after each dispense-
  • Third party certified to exceed US EPA performance standards – 100% probability of detection, 0% probability of false alarms

Line test options

  • 11.4 L/h gross line leak testing
  • Ultimate Testing – 0.38 & 0.76 L/h continuous
  • Risk Management – 0.38 L/h on-demand, 0.76 L/h continuous
  • Base Compliance – 0.38 L/h on-demand


  • Mounts directly in mechanical leak detector port
  • Compatible with Red Jacket and FE submersible turbine pumps
  • Easy to retro-fit to existing STP


  • US EPA Certified 100% probability of detection, 0% probability of false alarms

Automatic and Continuous testing

100% probability of detection
0% probability of false alarms

Line test options

Gross line leak testing: 11.4 L/h
Ultimate testing: 0.38 & 0.76 L/h continuous
Risk management: 0.38 L/h on – demand
Base Compliance – 0.38 L/h on- demand

Piping Diameter and length

Up to 76 mm fiberglass
106.7m max. of 50.8mm
45.7m max. of 76.2mm

Operating temperature

-31.6°C to + 54.4°C

Line flow rate

265 L/min max

Compatible fuels

Unleaded gasoline
Leaded gasoline
5% methanol/ 95% unleaded
10% ethanol/90% unleaded
15% MTBE/ 85% unleaded
Jet fuel
Aviation gasoline

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