Bowser Automation

Bowser Automation

Any person with its own operated fuel stations requires thorough management capabilities from the pump to the fleet vehicles. Our Management Solution for Mobile Bowsers offers complete bowser automation for both attended and unattended bowsers. It controls dispensers, tanks, using ruggedized controllers and Orpak’s field proven SiteOmat™ software, enabling a variety of fueling authorization and payment options

It has an interface with XP payment Server which help fleet owners to monitor their investment done in their business in terms of fuel. Fleets can use automatic vehicle identification with a tamperproof RFID solution for fueling authorization.

Geofencing enabled in Bowser enhances fueling to be done at correct and known customers Vehicles or assets.

The system is designed in such a way that authorization happens only if known coordinates received from GPS device are validated. Vehicle Identification System is a unique technology which is designed to identify, enable and ensure secure transactions to happen once nozzle is inside fuel tank.

Orpak Bowser automation system creates the strongest loyalty between the fleet and the retailer, unmatched by any other fleet payment solution, with 100% of transactions being exclusive to the retailer.

  • GVR/ Orpak is Empaneled with IOCL for bowser automation.
  • Trusted and existing automation, Dispenser, ATG, Top Loading and other VAS service provider for IOCL/ Dealers.
  • Sole RFID solution provider for IOCL (PESO Approved Solution) and leader globally.
  • Xtra-Power integration enabled RFID
  • Huge Service Force, to meet onsite maintenance requirements.
  • Reduces fuel and operational costs, losses, and ensures optimal fuel distribution
  • Comprehensive fuel management through RFID solution
  • Automated operations with real-time insight on bowser status
  • Complete control of fuel usage while reducing fuel expenses, misuse, and losses
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