The Complete DEF Management Solution

As the demand for diesel-based Selective Catalytic Reduction vehicles continues to rise, it’s crucial for sites to optimize their diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) management systems. Veeder-Root’s portfolio of innovative solutions is specifically designed to meet the unique challenges associated with DEF, providing a complete solution for any retail or commercial site.

Stored correctly Diesel Exhaust Fluid should have a shelf life of about two years but often the integrity of DEF can be affected by exposure to direct sunlight or consistently high temperatures. Integrating your site with Veeder-Root’s all-inclusive DEF management system gives operators the power to fight back against erratic leaks, messy cleanups, and temperature induced product degradation, associated with other DEF handling systems.

Red Jacket® CoreDEF Submersible Pump

The Red Jacket CoreDEF™ Submersible Turbine Pump (STP) sets a higher standard for any diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) pumping infrastructure. The CoreDEF™ STP is an entirely customizable DEF pump, designed to offer sites a complete solution to maximize value and minimize cost.

  • ¾ HP and 2 HP options provide a range of light-to-heavy-duty power spanning all site applications
  • Quick Set® variable lengths promote hassle-free application-specific height options
  • The only DEF pump on the market offering adjustable pressure relief to further improve the customer experience
  • Pre-assembly and factory leak testing included to ensure performance and reduce installation time to get you pumping sooner
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TLS-450PLUS Automatic Tank Gauge with DEF Recirculation Feature

Unlike fueling products, diesel exhaust fluid is extremely temperature sensitive, and will freeze when exposed to temperatures below 12˚F or break down in conditions above 86˚F.

Veeder-Root’s DEF Recirculation Feature on the TLS-450PLUS tank gauge:

  • Integrates DEF management into tank gauge so an entire site’s wetstock can be managed on one console
  • Utilizes a sensor to measure the temperature of the DEF fluid between the tank and dispensing system
  • Enables management of DEF quality in the most extreme environmental conditions
  • Capable of controlling automated heat trace piping or in-tank heating coils
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ISO-Chem Probe Kit for MAG-PLUS Probes

Veeder-Root’s multi-use Media-Isolated Probe (ISO-Probe) Kit allows diesel exhaust fluid tank owners and operators to accurately measure inventory levels using an automatic tank gauge.

  • Armored with anti-corrosive, stainless steel tubing
  • Highly-accurate magnetostrictive measurement technology
  • Easy maintenance with isolated stainless steel jacket that protects probe and user from contact with diesel exhaust fluid
  • Flawless inventory measurement, with five-point temperature sensing
  • Promotes and enables optimal operation with TLS-450PLUS tank monitors
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