Veeder-Root’s powerful TLS4 automatic tank gauge helps keep your sites running…and profitable.

The TLS4 combines precision performance with scalability, sophistication, customization and ease of use to deliver proven results.

Key features:

Proven Precision: The TLS4 automatic tank gauge is the premier wet stock management solution. It delivers accurate, crucial information, including:

  • AccuChart
  • Business Inventory Reconciliation (BIR)
  • Continuous Statistical Leak Detection (CSLD)
  • Data Logger
  • Temperature Compensated Volume

Proven Protection: The Veeder-Root TLS4 monitoring system uses sensor, probes and advanced software solutions to deliver accurate wet stock and forecourt information. The TLS4 protects your fuel assets whether you are on-site or with your family.

  • Web-Enabled Remote Connectivity
  • Switch Networks
  • Data Protection
  • Reduced Risks
  • Customized User Access
  • Advanced Sensor Technology

Proven Profit: The compact and powerful TLS4 monitoring system is expandable and extremely easy to use. View, configure and control the TLS4 using the GUI, or at multiple locations using web-enabled, to improve efficiency and save money. High-end features include:

  • Color Touch Screen
  • Faster Problem Resolution
  • Customized Home Screen and Favorites
  • Customized Alarms
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Future Proof – purchase the TLS4 today and enjoy the option to add additional features later as your business grows or as regulations change.

Proven Partner: Founded nearly a century ago, Veeder-Root is the global leader of automatic tank gauges, backed by an unmatched service network. Around the globe, more than a half a million petroleum marketers and commercial fueling businesses enjoy increased profits and protection of their fuel assets with Veeder-Root’s solutions. Our proven company history combined with the highest precision levels in our wet stock management tools, delivers results that matter and the protection your business deserves.

Key benefits:

  • Fewer and faster service calls through remote diagnostics and customized alarms
  • Remote or local site management with Direct Access Software, flexible networking options, and email notifications
  • Cost-effective wet stock management through robust data collection rules, confirming your tanks and lines are tight, and providing convenient wet stock reports on-demand
  • Flexible and upgrade-ready from advanced processing power and architecture to highly flexible configuration and remote upgrades
  • Mistake-proof operation through its intuitive graphical user interface, onboard help function and custom alarm management
  • Custom Alarms and Help

TLS4 Brochure

  • System: TLS4
  • Inputs: up to 12
  • Tanks: up to 12
  • Sensors: up to 12
  • CSLD Tank Test: Option
  • Static Tank Test: Yes
  • Inventory: Stored
  • BIR: Option
  • Reports: 3 Yr
  • Alarms: 3 Yr
  • History: 3 Yr
  • Sensor Status: 3 Yr
  • Email: Built-in
  • Universal Sensor Module: Included in base hardware
  • Phase Separation: Yes
  • Density: Yes
  • Storage Temperature Range: -20°C to 70°C
  • Operating Temperature Range: 0°C to 50°C