SiteOmat360 Station Automation Software

SiteOmat360 is the heart of the fuel station, providing complete and secure site automation, managing the dispensers, payment terminals, forecourt devices, and fuel tanks to fully control and record any transaction. SiteOmat360 supports any station configuration, business logic and payment/authorization option.

SiteOmat360 fits both retail and commercial fleet (homebase) sites as part of Orpak’s ForeSite and ForeHB solutions. It is seamlessly integrated to the Head office software of these solutions - ForeNet.

SiteOmat360 can run on an embedded Linux machine or on a standard PC.

SiteOmat360 in Retail

Integrated with Orpak’s and 3rd party BOS and POS, SiteOmat360 fully controls station configuration, pricing, credit limits, and lists.
SiteOmat360 complies with global fiscal regulations and tax requirements in numerous countries and works with many common fiscal printers approved by the local tax authorities in these countries.

SiteOmat360 in Homebase

SiteOmat360 is the software core of the ForeHB solution, it provides complete and secure site automation, electronically locking all dispensers and pumps to ensure that only authorized vehicles and drivers refuel. In addition, SiteOmat360 offers flexible back-office features including: local account management with support of up to 25,000 off-line transactions and 50,000 vehicles, real-time monitoring of refueling and tank levels, delivery and inventory reconciliation and a strong reporting mechanism.

  • Fully integrated with over 60 types of electronic and mechanical dispensers
  • Interfaces with any TLG and performing auto-calibration
  • Integrates with Orpak OrPAY EMV, OrPT, OrTR and third-party payment terminals
  • Supports all common payment / authorization means, including closed and open loop schemes, local accounts and two stage authorization
  • Provides real-time monitoring of fueling transactions and tank levels
  • Manages wet stock inventory with daily and delivery reconciliation
  • Shift and attendant management, with advanced reporting tools
  • Supports price lists and discounts with limits and rules for fleets
  • Connects to Retail Head Office, Fleet Head Office, FMS and 3rd party Head Office systems
  • Easy installation and setup, including remote access capabilities

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