Media-Isolated MAG Plus Probe Solution

Media-Isolated MAG Plus Probe Solution

Accurate inventory management for LPG and DEF tanks

The Multi-Use Media-Isolated Probe (ISO-Probe) Kit allows liquid petroleum gas, diesel exhaust fluid, and other chemical tank owners to accurately measure inventory levels using an automatic tank gauge. The adapter kit includes stainless-steel jacket for probe shaft and float kits, Mag Plus Probes sold separately.

Proven technology adapted to your application

Utilizing the industry-proven Mag Plus Probe to provide the same high levels of inventory measurement performance that petroleum customers have come to expect from Veeder-Root. This adapter kit allows users to remove the probe shaft from its stainless-steel jacket for maintenance at any time without disturbing the tank’s liquid product contents, or in the case of an LPG customer, having to first depressurize the tank.

Product Form

Part Number Description Notes
331824-XXX Chem-ISO Probe Installation Kits for use with Mag Plus Inventory Only Probes DEF and Chemical Applications
333083-XXX LPG Isolation Probe Kit with 38.1mm LPG Float LPG Applications
333082-XXX LPG Isolation Probe Kit with 50.8mm LPG Float LPG Applications
  • Highly accurate Magnetostrictive measurement technology compatible with all current Veeder-Root automatic tank gauge consoles.
  • Magnetostrictive technology and five-point temperature sensing make it capable of extremely accurate inventory control.
  • Mag Plus ISO-Probes provide highly accurate trouble-free performance in a wide variety of approved pressurized LPG tanks.
  • Adapter Kits feature non-corrosive, stainless steel tubing (stainless steel grade 316) for long-life monitoring in a wide spectrum of alternative fluids and pressurized environments.
  • Mag Plus probe provides an operating temperature range of –40 to +70 C.