MiSite Manager

MiSite Manager
Gain Control Anywhere Anytime

MiSite Manager is a mobile app that lets you manage and control your fuel stations from any location. It provides an additional layer over our Point of Sale and Automation systems. The easy-to-use app provides essential support for retail site managers’ operational activities, such as fuel inventory, sales transactions, and fuel pricing.

It also pro-actively alerts you to issues such as low fuel or other forecourt concerns, giving you advance warning so you can keep your stations running smoothly while saving you precious time.

Real-time station automation data lets you make proactive business decisions on your mobile device, anytime, anywhere.

  • In Control: Gain accurate data visibility across all your fuel stations
    • Supervise sales revenue
    • Track wet & dry stock
    • Control prices
  • Mobile: Manage from anywhere, anytime
    • Stay connected wherever you are
    • Use any mobile device (iOS/Android)
    • Always in sync with the station and your desktops
  • Proactive: Act quickly based on real-time alerts
    • Optimize inventory
    • Increase uptime
    • Advance notice of potential issues

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