DEF Recirculation Monitoring Solution

Maintain the Quality of stored Diesel Exhaust Fluid

The Veeder-Root DEF Monitoring Solution provides a recirculation and/or Temp Control heat trace system to prevent DEF product from freezing or overheating in lines that utilize DEF in bulk dispensing systems.

Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) recirculation system utilizes a temperature sensor to measure the temperature of the DEF fluid between the tank and dispensing system. This allows the TLS-450PLUS to control relays assigned to the DEF submersible turbine pump (STP) to recirculate the fluid in the event it goes below or above a present temperature setting. In addition to controlling the STP to move fluid through the system, the tank gauge console can utilize its temperature sensing technology to manage the Heat Trace systems and provide a heat source for the DEF piping system.

Product Form

Part Number Description
332972-026 DEF Recirculation Software Feature for TLS-450PLUS ATG
794380-210 DEF Temperature Sensor Installation Kit
  • Automatic Recirculation Setup feature
  • Temperature Sensor: Monitor temperature of the DEF piping system
  • Application Setup: Provides setup in the TLS-450PLUS system to ensure DEF product is being circulated based on pre-determined criteria.
  • Temperature Relay Control: Control a relay based on the temperature reading.
  • Alarms / Warnings: Alarms / warning generated on various conditions when the recirculation might be compromised.
  • Reports: Uptime and performance reports available. DEF Overview screen with pump usage history
  • Manual Override
  • Timeout protection for pump
Operating Temperature Range -40° C to 50° C
Low Temperature Recirculation Activation User Selectable, default set at below 0° C
Heat Tape Activation User Selectable, default set at below -7° C
High Temperature Recirculation Activation User Selectable, default set at above 30° C
Approvals Intrinsically safe, UL/cUL (pending)
Console Compatibility TLS-450PLUS ATG

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