Bowser Loading Fueling Gantry

  • A top loading fuel gantry is an on-site system where a separate/dedicated underground tank is used to fuel directly into the top of a mobile bowser
  • This method of fuelling is much faster and safer than the alternate of standing on top of a mobile bowser and fuelling with a normal nozzle from one of the diesel dispensers for up to an hour.
  • This also does not block one of the customer lanes, which impedes flow at the site and looks strange. (Loading arm/ flexible hose option available)

Electronic Meter Register (EMR-4) + Flow Meter

  • Class -1 Division -1 Explosion-Proof Safety
  • Dual Display Head Capability
  • Enhanced Memory
  • Globally proven meter
  • Secured Electronics with Temp. Compensation
  • Anti-Fog Backlit Display
  • Wireless Data Capture with Datalink
  • Printer options available
  • Higher flow rate certified
  • Automation compatable
  • Programmable Pulse Output
  • W&M & PESO Approved
  • Built to withstand MIL-SPEC shock & vibration test
  • Software upgrades FREE on veeder.com