Passport® X - Your Passport to the Future

Passport X

An innovative solution for retail c-store & fuel station management

Passport X is an investment in fuel retailers’ innovation potential with a complete convenience store and retail fuel station management solution that keeps you ahead of the curve for years to come. In the forecourt of the future, retailers offer seamless refueling that reduces delay; customers make multi-touchpoint purchases both in the c-store and forecourt; attendants authorize pumps remotely from across the isle; and fuel station owners and executives supervise every aspect of the forecourt for maximum efficiency. It’s a vision of the future, and Passport X has brought it to the present.

Passport X is a feature-rich, 3rd generation, management solution especially designed for fuel retailers operating a c-store as part of their fuel stations. It provides a fully customizable POS system, and a state-of-the-art cloud-based Head Office (HOS) architecture that facilitates a cloud-based Back Office Solution (BOS). Passport X is powered by the StoriX Engine, and is designed to suit every fuel station business model with its flexibility facilitating seamless integration throughout all peripherals and external systems. By streamlining communication between all components, Passport X provides everyone involved, from managers to staff, with the most advanced retail tools available to maximize revenues, profitability, and total customer experience.

Passport X consists of 5 modules:

  • Point of Sale (POS): Modular and configurable omni-channel solution that provides unmatched simplicity for the cashier & the best-in-class customer experience.
  • Cloud Head Office Solution (HOS): Unexcelled remote Head Office System for complete control of any store in the network, anytime, and anywhere.
  • Cloud Back Office Solution (BOS): It is part of the HOS, with site users limited to viewing and managing only their station. This approach prevents the need for on-site installation & support. It allows full control of the product catalog, prices, employees, etc.
  • StoriX Engine: It is the architecture’s heart which enables centralized business logic management and assures stores are always open. A single StoriX engine works with multiple POS devices
  • DOMS PSS 5000 Forecourt Controller: Enables complete control of forecourt devices, such as dispensers and ATGs

Passport X, powered by StoriX, can easily interface with 3rd party systems, such as payment terminals, authorization gateways, loyalty, and ERP systems. It allows remote online access and monitoring using any web browser.

Passport X can be combined with other Orpak advanced solutions including: ForeVision Business Intelligence suite, ForeNet Card Management & Loyalty Platform solutions, and Orpak AVI fueling.

  • Increase customer traffic & maximize ATV (Average Transaction Value) by offering a variety of store products & services
    • Offering variety of value added services in the station and c-store: c-store products, food services, bill payments, lottery, and more
    • Fully customizable & intuitive user interface (UI) for an optimal user experience (UX)
    • Omni-channel of various touchpoints from the forecourt OPT to the c-store
  • Quick roll-out & adaptable for any network and station needs
    • Inventory & supplier management
    • Employee allocations, auditing, and cost reduction
    • Setting product offering, pricing, and promotions
  • Centralized, flexible & simple across the entire network
    • Central business management
    • Cloud BOS for minimal site updates & maintenance
    • Quick roll-out & adaptable for any network and station needs