Red Jacket

The most efficient way to pump fuel on a forecourt
Maintain optimum flow rates quietly to enhance customer experience, pump fuel greater distances, gain flexibility in station design and eliminate vapour lock conditions.

Future ready for new generation gas-to-liquid fuels.

Lower installation and maintenance costs
Only one pump and pipe work system per tank and simpler dispenser configuration means lower installation cost, infrequent maintenance and less downtime, allowing your business to operate without interruption.

Automated environmental risk management
Protect your enterprise against leaks as the site operates with integrated line leak detection. Test lines automatically after every dispense using US EPA Certified precision line testing to 0.38 L/h leak detection standard.

Improve safety during installation & maintenance
Unique design features facilitate fast, easy installation & maintenance, minimising the risk to operatives from contact with high voltage power or fuel hazards and reducing likelihood of fuel spills.

Key benefits:

Extensive range options
0.56kW,1.12kW,1.5kW versions available in single or 3-phase. 50/60 Hz to suit wide range of applications and site configurations.

Pressure technology
Less pipe work and fewer moving parts than equivalent suction system, without risk of vapour lock.

Consistent flowrate
Pump fuel efficiently over greater distances at higher temperatures and altitudes.

Integrated line leak
Mechanical or electronic line leak controlled by TLS monitoring system with automatic shutdown for maximum environmental protection.

Uniquely designed extractable
When removed, check valve, leak detector and siphon cartridge remain in manifold and do not require disconnection.

Hazard isolation
The electrical connection is automatically broken as the extractable is removed, and fuel in the manifold and non-isolated piping drains safely back to the tank preventing spills and reducing service costs.

Vertical product discharge
Allows easier connection to horizontal pipe work using standard pipe fittings.

Twin siphon ports
Two siphon cartridge ports allow connection to multiple systems. Unique swivel design allows easier connection.

Lockable check valve
Easily relieve pressure and drain non-isolated product in the manifold and line safely into the tank for testing or maintenance.


1or 3 phases

Line pressure and Vent Port

1 available
6.3mm (1/4”) NPT

Line leak detection

Automatic tests for substantial leaks – 11.4 Litres per hour
Precision tests for substantial leaks – 0.38 or 0.76 Litres per hour

Vacuum siphon port

2 available
Vacuums generated up to 25 Hg


Variable Length column pipe
Fixed length available

Adjustment Range

From 1.97 m to 5.7m (Assumes 1.12kW)

Model Red Jacket Standard Red Jacket


Petroleum with up to 20% alcohol

100% Gasoline
80% Gasoline with 20% TAME, ETBE or MTBE
0-100% Ethanol
0-100% Methanol
Alternative fuels

Flow rate

150 L/min to 330 L/min

150 L/min – 300 L/min

Monitoring applications

Vacuum Sensor siphon

Vacuum Sensor siphon


Class 1, group D atmospheres

Class 1, group D atmospheres

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